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Guest Article: The Importance of People in Organisations

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In the beginning, the sole purpose for creating and conducting business was purely financial this can be seen in pictures of traditional Tunisian markets in 1899. Shopkeepers would aim to simply supply their products to the customers who demanded it, both were mutually exclusive.

Fast forward to today’s business world where massive expeditions and conferences such as the Arch Summit are common place. They bring customers and companies together to develop and enhance their relationships into one that is more than just transactional. Without people, there can be no company, no customers, no employees and so on. Furthermore, corporations today now automatically try to achieve their goals according to the Triple Bottom Line principle which encourages business operate in a way that gives financial, social and environmental value.

Recently the United Nations (UN) developed 17 global goals to reach by 2030, which Samsung have partnered with since last year. These goals show different issues which people and organisations should aim to help achieve. Within the picture, there are different numbered goals such as 1, 6, 9, all with various pictures and names. Each goal has a different theme. For example, goal 1 in the top left states no poverty and pictures 2 families together in order to represent no wealth inequality.

How can you benefit? Well if you haven’t noticed already, there is a constant theme throughout this article which is vital to each and every organisation. That’s right, people and the relationships created are essential and how these relationships are managed can determine the success and failure of your organisation.

People and relationships are key in all walks of life for example, Mark Zuckerberg first founded Facebook in a Harvard University dormitory with other friends. Another example is that a Premier League football match between two teams, has 11 players starting for each side.

Engaging with people and forming valuable relationships matter. Various institutions and organisations have now introduced networking sessions for colleagues, students and young people. Networking sessions hosted by your school, university and/or organisation provide an opportunity to approach companies you are interested in by asking questions, providing you with an extra insight and potentially gaining some contact details. For example, Talk About organises different events throughout the year featuring small and big companies such as EY designed to make it easy for you to expand your knowledge on specific things.

A final note to all the readers from me, is that whatever your field is, whether it’s business, art or law, maximise the networking opportunities hosted by your institution or organisation. This will allow you to build your personal profile, making you stand out and providing you with connections which may prove useful in the future.

By Adeel Anwar


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