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New Legal Tech: Crime QHR App

Good news for criminal lawyers coming from the latest tech development! Sam Willis, barrister at 5
King’s Bench Walk
has developed the Crime QRH (Quick Reference Handbook) App, a guide to all
criminal offences in England and Wales.

This app is essentially a database providing key details about all criminal offences, from homicide to
money laundering and to immigration. Crime QRH lets you quickly find the statutory provision,
maximum sentence, mode of trial and Archbold/Blackstone’s page reference for all offences, as well
as sentencing guidelines, considerations of ‘dangerousness’ or mode of trial.

Crime QRH is coming out for iOS, macOS and Android on 2nd May 2020, to pre-order the app and find
out more, visit the website.

By Amalia Albu

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