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Snapshot: Trace and Track App

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Boris Johnson is now creating an NHS track and trace app which provides people with an insight on if they may have been near someone who has been confirmed to have COVID-19. The new software will require a team of tracers tracking down people who have been in contact with a person who’s tested positive, letting them know if they need to self isolate and if they are at risk of getting the Virus. 

Contact tracing has been used in other countries so far and will now be launched in the UK. The app will run in the background of your devices and will give users the option to report any new developed symptoms of the Virus. It has also been reported that a tracking app may be used in order to identify people who have been within the same proximity as others who are showing symptoms or have the Virus. The tracking app will be able to identify people who have been in the same environment as the patient who they may not know, for example in a supermarket or on public transport. 

By Katie Richards

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