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Black Lives Matter.

Racism is something which is everywhere. Not only is it everywhere, but it exists in many forms. However, as some of us don’t see it daily or aren’t affected by it directly, it’s often dismissed or is turned a blind eye to. This all changed after the killing of George Floyd which happened in broad daylight by a police officer. If law enforcement officers, whose jobs are to protect and potentially be looked at as a role model due to their superiority, are carrying out vicious attacks on citizens, then some may see the behaviour as acceptable. 

Together, people have united through protesting and social media in order to battle the inequality black people face in their day-to-day lives. Police forces have used their positions in order to muder people unjustly and potentially cover up the suspicious deaths of victims such as Breonna Taylor. Due to police forces not being so explicitly racial in the UK, it’s commonly assumed that it isn’t happening, when in reality it is. Racism doesn’t have to be explicit to be present. Statistics show that black people are four times more likely to get stopped and searched by police than white people which portrays a negative image of black people, particularly black youth, to the public and results in the victims feeling humiliated.

Black history isn’t included in the curriculum throughout schools, leaving people in the predicament of being uneducated. Black history is as important as any other kind of history and allows people to have a better understanding. Campaigners are now attempting to make it mandatory for all and is getting huge support since the death of George Floyd. It’s important that past events lead to lasting change, every human being is born equal and shouldnt be discriminated against based on their skin colour or ethnicity. Just because some people will never understand it doesnt change the fact that we are all able to support and fight for equality. 

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