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What have we been prioritising?

A topic still currently hot on everybody’s lips is, you guessed it, COVID-19. This pandemic has put all other social issues like poverty, social stratification and even education on the back-burner and taken the limelight.

Though highly disruptive, the epidemic has been useful in lifting the veil on what societies priorities really are; e.g. people flocked in the masses to Hyde park to celebrate 420, a ‘holiday’ that glorifies recreational drug usage, completely ignoring rules put in place to protect us all. Sky news reported that “9000 fines have been issued to people flouting lockdown”, which has left me bewildered at the fact that people ignorantly put themselves at risk. I can’t be the only one that is failing to make sense of what society deems to be a priority.

Though it may make me sound positively insane, I recently decided to explore certain conspiracy theories, even though they have a reputation for being wholly false, I am a firm believer that all information has a basis in the truth. Call me a skeptic, a loon, or even a fool, but I merely wish to be as educated as possible.
Interestingly, everyone has something different to say about Covid-19, which has generated a plethora of conspiracies that have proved more unhelpful than insightful; one being that it was deliberately manufactured by Chinese scientists as a weapon of biological welfare. This theory and others of the same nature have been the reason why people feel justified in attacking innocent civilians who merely appear to be east asian. The case of 23 year old Singaporean student Jonathan Mok, who was the victim of a racially motivated attack in February, highlights just how dangerous these theories can be.

What have I been prioritising throughout this pandemic?

One thing that has really been a priority for me is working to better myself. Part of this process has been taking more time for myself, whether that be reading self help books, getting more in tune with my spiritual being or even evaluating the way I operate on a daily basis. One aspect of my life that I’ve attempted to improve is my procrastination. I recently came across a motivational video on instagram by David Meltzer that brought my attention to a ‘do it now strategy’, in which you complete or at the very least start a task when it’s assigned. This has already proved to be useful for me as now, when I receive a task and wish to put it off until later, the ‘do it now’ video acts as a mental prod to get the job done.

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