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Snapshot Update: Hungarian parliament and legal recognition of transgender individuals

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The Hungarian Parliament has voted to end legal recognition for Transpeople and therefore will prevent Hungarian Citizens from legally changing their biological sex.  The legislation was proposed on the 31st March which is the International Transgender Day of Visibility and was passed 134 votes to 56.

As a consequence, birth, marriage and death certificates would show ‘sex at birth’. Furthermore, there are concerns that this law will lead to increased discrimination against the LGBTQI community as Hungarian daily life already requires people to show their identity cards frequently.

A European Parliament member, Marc Angel who is the co-president of the informal ‘Intergroup on LGBTI Rights’ said that this law is an ‘attack on the trans community’ and that it is ‘outrageous and deliberate’.

This decision has exposed the Trans community in Hungary to further discrimination and will worsen an already intolerant and hostile environment faced by the LGBTQI community

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