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Snapshot Update: Botswana’s perishing Elephants

gray elephant

It’s a major mystery as to how and why so many elephants have been found dead in Botswana over the past few months. More than 350 elephants have died and it was reported that by mid-June, the deaths became more explicit due to elephant carcasses clustered around waterholes. Many scientists and other animal experts presume that the deaths are unlikely to be caused by diseases that usually affect elephants such as tuberculosis. At first it is easy to assume that poachers are to blame, as ivory poaching has been responsible for reducing the number of savanna elephants in Botswana to roughly 350,000, however, the tusks of the deceased elephants were not removed. Therefore, the following questions still remain unanswered; what is killing these elephants? And how do we prevent more deaths? 

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