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Results day like you’ve never seen it before

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Results day is one of the most highly anticipated and nerve-racking days for GCSE students and their parents- I would know as I am set to receive my results on the 20th of August. This year though there is a twist with results day due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has caused changes in every aspect of our lives and education is one of the most affected areas. After not sitting GCSEs in 2020 year 11 students are due to receive their “calculated grades” in August at a similar date as results would usually be given. The difference this year is that the collection of results day will lack its usual intensity and togetherness as the results will be collected, for the most part, in “bubble collection groups with staggered arrival times”. These groups have been arranged in order to best maintain social distancing and for many students they will miss out on the opportunity to share their results with their peers physically and there will be a reduction in the usual array of vast emotions seen every year on GCSE results day.

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