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Snapshot: Afghanistan government set to release the final 400 Taliban prisoners

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Eighty prisoners were reportedly released on Thursday the 14th of August 2020, said officials, with some of their crimes including attacks on Afghans and foreigners. This was only the beginning of the releases as the Afghan government plan to release 400 Taliban prisoners in total in order to pave a way for long-delayed peace talks. Within days of the full release peace talks are expected to be held in Qatar as the release was a condition to start negotiations with the hopes of ending 19 years of conflict within Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s office of the National Security Council said in a Tweet that the release was “to speed up efforts for direct talks and a lasting, nationwide ceasefire”. Whether the mass release of Taliban prisoners will help aid peace talks within Afghanistan is yet to be known but it is certainly a start.

By Chikomborero Madanhi

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