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SNAPSHOT: Lost and Helpless – Migrant workers during the pandemic

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Whilst  there may be over 160 million migrant workers worldwide, the pandemic and measures put in place have resulted in many being forced into poverty, unemployment and having to return back home.

Generally, this group of society feels marginalised. From being denied rights in comparison with national workers, to their vulnerability to abuse, exploitation and discrimination in pay. Due to the pandemic, many aspects of the economy came to a halt. Commercial activities and industries such as construction and manufacturing were left at a stand still and so this meant that many migrant workers were left stranded: many lost their jobs and resident permits.

With the life of a migrant worker already being notoriously difficult and isolating, in countries such as Kuwait, India and those in the Gulf State, the lack of support during the pandemic made it even more challenging.

By Hanna Amanuel

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