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Snapshot: Discrediting Witness Testimony – The Mandela Effect

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Those of us familiar with Episode V of the Star Wars saga may recall the iconic quote by Darth Vader as “Luke, I am your father.” However, the actual quote is, “No, I am your father.” This inaccurate recollection of events by a group of people is known as the Mandela Effect.  

The term was originally framed based on the fact that many people found themselves believing they witnessed detailed news reports of Nelson Mandela’s death in 1980. However, Mandela did not pass away till 2013.  

Various theories have been explored to explain how memories of a mass group of people can be distorted. These vary from post-event information to confabulation, both of which contribute to memory alteration.

When exploring more examples of the Mandela Effect phenomenon, concerns can be raised about the value the legal system places on accurate recollection of memories by court witnesses.  

By Nicole Maka-Sprawa

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