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Snapshot Update: Damaged Ecosystems Are Hotbeds for Future Pandemics

A recent study has once again laid bare our toxic relationship with the planet. The study reiterated the link between habitat destruction and pandemic outbreaks. Upon examining 6,801 animal communities, the London-based researchers found that species hosting zoonotic viruses increased by a staggering 71% in damaged ecosystems.

The diseases that frap humans the most have their origin in wild animals: HIV, malaria, Ebola, MERS, SARS and many others. Zoonoses (zoonotic diseases) make up 16% of all global deaths and 60% of known infectious diseases. While humanity has always coexisted with nature, the unfettered destruction of wildlife in recent decades will complicate this coexistence as pandemics become increasingly commonplace. Are we prepared to revisit coronavirus-esque scenes in the coming years?

Covid-19 has been a wake-up call for many things, and at the forefront of conversation should be the complete revamping of our relationship with nature. Humanity depends on it.

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