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Snapshot: Normalising Relations with Israel — Where Does it Leave Palestinians?

Within the past few months, several MENA countries like the UAE and Bahrain have agreed on a US-brokered deal to ‘formally normalise’ relations with Israel. The latest to enter into the deal was Sudan, with at least another five countries — among them Saudi Arabia — expected to jump on board, according to Donald Trump.

The truth is, this is yet again a decision orchestrated by the West that doesn’t centre Palestinian voices. Rather, the public declaration to strengthen ties with Israel completely legitimises the 72-year-long occupation of Palestine and only serves to tighten economic, intelligence, military and other various partnerships with Israel, where Palestinian lives are simply not on the table.

Khaled Elgindy, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute non-profit, has stated that ‘no matter who does or doesn’t normalize next, the message to Palestinians is clear: you are completely on your own’.

For a deeper dive into what ‘normalising relations with Israel’ means for Palestinians, read this article or watch this video.

By Elisa Emch

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