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Depersonalisation – The Enigma of Contemporary Mental Health

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All current perspectives of mental health disorders are mainly based on the perspective of a depletion in cognitive function or perhaps an imbalance in brain chemistry. What can be worrying is when medical and mental health professionals have no answer to a disorder that provides more queries than solutions. The infamous depersonalisation.

Imaging waking from a dream, a vivid one at that, to wake up to yet another dream? That is the issue many sufferers of Depersonalisation disorder are suffering. The feeling as if you are observing yourself and your concept of reality has dissolved. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness around half of all adults have a dissociative episode but below 2% meet the standard criteria for Depersonalisation Disorder.

In and of itself it is difficult to diagnose and significantly more complex to treat. Many doctors argue whether it is just a by-product of anxiety or independently exists as its own disorder. Either way therapists are required to develop individual plans in order to achieve full remission.

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