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Is Racing Point Racing Fair?

There had been an inquiry earlier this year by the FIA who govern Formula One. On 12 July, Renault launched a protest concerning the legality of the Racing point car. It had been dubbed ‘The Pink Mercedes’ due to the similarities to the previous season’s Mercedes team car.

The regulations in question are contained in Article 6 of the Sporting Regulations. Renault suggested Racing Point used a design featuring elements that were not designed by them. Copying other cars is not illegal as long as they have designed specific elements as required.

The outcome was that Racing Point copied the rear brake ducts and as a result, have been docked 15 constructors’ points and fined £359,000. They are still allowed to use the car.

Following this case, the FIA are changing regulations for 2021 season to prevent copycat designs by preventing teams from using photos to copy parts of other cars.

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