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Jetting into the future with SkyDriver

white airplane

The domestic use of flying cars is a fast growing sector, one likely to be a trillion-dollar industry by 2040. Currently, multiple well-known companies are in the midst of developing and testing the futuristic vehicles. Uber being amongst them, is looking to expand its company to UberAir by 2023.  

In recent weeks, a Japanese start-up company, SkyDriver – which is being funded by Toyota – has successfully tested its first flying car! The appealing feature of the vehicle is that it can start and land vertically, thus, making it ideal for users in the cities, or just anyone without a runway in their backyard. Similarly, to its competitors, SkyDriver is aiming to make the vehicle available to the public by 2023.  

At the moment all the automotive technology companies are faced with the same overriding dilemma: how to make the batteries of the flying car durable for long journeys. It remains to be seen how they will overcome this hurdle.  

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