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The Link Between Child Health and Education

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More children around the world – including in the UK – are becoming malnourished because they don’t have access to basic human necessities such as food. This affects their education because children who are hungry cannot concentrate, thus, they cannot learn. In 2017, the UN estimated that approximately 600 million children around the world are not mastering basic mathematics and literacy while at school, which ultimately means they would not be able to achieve their academic or professional potential.

The pandemic has had a crippling impact on food security in the UK. It was recorded by the Food Foundation that 200,000 children are missing meals and half a million children who normally rely on free school meals have received no substitutes at all since the second lockdown came into effect. Therefore, there have been many calls on the government to protect and prioritise children but they have, to date, not provided any further means of support for these children during the Christmas holidays.

By Irene Madanhi

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