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Prestigious Peerages Prompting Reform?

Boris Johnson has gone against an independent commission and handed a peerage to a Tory Donor and Vote Leave Board member who was involved with a scandal nearly 10 years ago.

Peter Cruddas was involved in a ‘cash for access’ scandal. In 2012, a Sunday times reporters went undercover and filmed Cruddas explaining how donations to the Conservative party could secure access to politicians and influence over policy making. He said ‘200,000 to 250,000 is premier league…when we talk about your donations..we want to get you at the Cameron/Osborne dinners.’

Boris justified the nomination by saying the former Tory treasurer had made ‘outstanding contributions’ to charity and business since the scandal. There were 16 people nominated for peerage.

The Lord Speaker has thrown his name into the ring for those who have called for a review of the role and powers of the House of Lords Appointment Commission.

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