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Statues to Gain Increased Protections from “Baying Mobs”

Following the removal of slave trader Edward Colston’s statue during the Black Lives Matter protests last year, the government has decided that it is appropriate to introduce new measures to protect the health and safety of other statues.

Communities secretary Robert Jenrick said that legislation will be introduced to prevent statues being removed “on a whim or at the behest of a baying mob”. These measures were announced in parliament last week and follow Trump’s similar executive order last summer.

Writing in the Sunday Times, Jenrick argued that the removal of statues represented an attack on “our history” by “woke militants”. 

In the midst of today’s chaotic political climate, it’s puzzling that this issue is occupying any of the government’s attention.  The upcoming announcement only serves to further highlight the insensitivity that the Conservative party has consistently shown towards racial injustice.

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