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Snapshot Update: Capital ‘Protestors’ Faced with No-flight Bans

On 6th January, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in scenes that sent shockwaves around the world. This was hours after the out-going President addressed his supporters at a rally outside the White House and encouraged them to protest the result of the election.

This was hailed as an ‘assault on democracy’ by President-electJoe Biden.  As a result of the siege, those in question have faced a range of consequences for their actions.

Flight attendant unions called for Capitol rioters to be banned from flights. A statement was released by the International President of the Association of Flight Attendants after ‘mob mentality behaviour’ on flights to the D.C. area. There have been videos circulating on social media of rioters being removed from their flights.

Although they are not on the TSA’s ‘No Fly’ list, there is the hope this might change once Joe Biden is President.

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