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Should Free School Meals Even Be Debated?

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Lately it feels as though every time the government is mentioned it is in a negative light. Well i’m here to tell you this article will be no different as, yet again, those charged with governing us are mistreating us.

It’s no secret that in the past month alone, decisions made by certain members of parliament have shaken some of us to our very core and begged the question: is humanity a universal trait? You may be finding it hard to pinpoint which one I could be referring to, as there are a plethora of ill-thought verdicts that are released on a daily basis. However, I am referring to the free school meals vote in particular, that shook the nation. 

Adhering to standard procedure, the Conservatives voted against Labour’s plight to extend free school meals by 322 votes to 261. This decision has been met with dismay and seemingly caused a chain reaction of events; Caroline Ansell resigned from the conservatives, empty plates were left outside the Tory HQ in protest and some members of the public even went as far as sending death threats to MP Stuart Anderson and his family. Now as much as I disagree with the vote, fighting one inhumane decision with another is not the solution to this current problem. But, on the other hand, I can see why people are filled with such strong emotion that they misplace it, especially when there are people like Yorkshire MP Kevin Hollinrake, saying “it’s the parents responsibility to feed their kids”. How are they expected to do so in a system that throws stones and hides its hands? I understand that due to the ongoing pandemic, the economy has suffered severely. However, there are certain elements that shouldn’t be up for debate when the budgets are being composed. Why is it that putting food on the table draws controversy but the millions that go into the entertainment industry is never called into question? And if so, such talk is met with utter dismay.

It appears as though none of these ‘human beings’ realise that they are denying young children of their basic human right, food, which will lead to an influx in crime rates nationally. Is that what they really want? As previously stated in my other article, I hate to be the one to bring race into everything, but who is really being targeted when these Tory’s make their utterly controversial policies that always seem to mainly affect the underbelly of society? Coincidence? Or intention?

Following the abysmal events that have taken place consistently in parliament, Manchester united left-winger, Marcus Rashford, has been the spearhead of campaigns to provide meals to those who are eligible. Though he started in his hometown Manchester, his actions have caused ripples across the UK, with many local businesses and popular food chains like McDonalds and Papa John’s giving millions of meals to children for free. Schools across the UK have also banded together to join the fight against hunger and offered free meals during school holidays to all who may be hungry.

It’s very interesting how a socialite has had to take up the role of Mildred the maid and clean up the mess of our so called ‘leaders’. But leave it to the left-wingers to do everything but their jobs. I mean what else can we expect from the same people that have to be disciplined like infants to act right? Speaking of behaving like children, there’s been speculation surrounding the government’s intentions in awarding Rashford an MBE for his work with the FSM. Some see it as a ploy to silence him on issues that ‘don’t concern him’, as he has embarrassed the government but arguably, they did that on their own accord through them supporting negligent policies.

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