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Snapshot Update – Disposable Sterile Hijabs Introduced

In December of 2019, a hospital trust stated that they were the first in the UK to introduce disposable sterile headscarves for staff to use in operating theatres. Dr Roslan said the idea came to her whilst she was a medical student with University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trust. The disposable hijabs did not cost a lot in order to have them created. The hijabs illustrate a middle ground between wearing a piece of clothing as part of someone’s faith and working in the operating theatre. Before the disposable hijabs were created, Dr Roslen would wear the same headscarf all day, which was not clean and led to infection concerns. It was hailed as a step in the right direction. People were fast to point out that more work was needed for full inclusivity.

This has recently reappeared on social media as a good piece of news from 2020.

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