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‘Golden City of Luxor’ – An Exciting new Egyptian Find has been Unearthed

Historians and archaeologists alike are excited.

The finds near the Valley of Kings in Luxor including the remains of various homes, streets, and bakeries are so extensive that it could take a full decade to excavate. Besty Byran, a professor of Egyptian art and archelogy at John Hopkins University, said that the find was the ‘second most important archaeological discovery since the tomb of Tutankhamun.’

Alongside the architectural remains, jewellery, scarab beetle amulets, pottery, mud bricks, tools and jars have been found. The significance of these finds cannot be underestimated as they have the ability to answer the burning questions Egyptologists have about the daily life of Ancient Egyptians. They also provide a unique insight into what was going on during this time whilst raising the profile of Egyptian history generally.  

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