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Chad’s Transitional Military Council Announce Interim Government

Transitional Military Council

An interim government has been formed amid continued opposition to the ruling transitional military council in Chad. The government is composed of 40 ministers and deputy ministers. Among this number are nine women. Ndolenodji Alix Naïmbaye has been named State Secretary for Finance and Budget, while the former advisor to President Idriss Deby until his death, Achta Djibrine Sy, has been made Culture Minister. Lydie Beassemda is now Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation. Beassemda ran for president in last month’s elections, becoming the first woman to do so

The crucial task of reconciling Chadians has been handed to Acheikh Ibn Oumar. A former rebel leader turned diplomat, he has served as the country’s representative to the United States and had intermittent spells as a special advisor to the president from as early as 1990 to as recently as 2019. He will be assisted by Djimadjibaye Kantangar Aimé, the Secretary of State for National Reconciliation and Dialogue. 

Other notable members of the transitional government include Cherif Mahamat Zene as Foreign Minister and the opposition figure Mahamat Ahmat Alhabo as Justice Minister. Upon taking the role, Ahmat Alhabo of the Party for Freedoms and Development (PLD) promised that an investigation would be opened into the deaths of protestors, following the establishment of the military council. Alhabo also observed an ‘imbalance’ in the composition of the new government. He claimed that the former party of President Déby, Patriotic Salvation Movement (MPS), had carved out the lion’s share of representation among the 40 ministers.

The military council will lead an 18-month transition before civilian elections late next year.

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