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England’s New Stance on Domestic Violence

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The long-awaited Domestic Abuse Bill has been signed into law and provides new definitions and protections for victims of domestic abuse, in its many forms. This change in the law was subject to criticism from various campaigners, however it appears to be paving the way for improved support for victims. 

This overhaul, which includes new steps to be taken to protect victims and their children, is being received now with open arms as the lockdown, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, caused a dramatic increase in domestic abuse related crime. The police recorded 259,324 crimes that were considered to be related to domestic violence, between March and June 2020 when the coronavirus restrictions were harshest. 

Now it is time for the victims of domestic abuse to get the help that they deserve and the protection that they have a right to; the domestic violence pandemic within the coronavirus pandemic ends here. 

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