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The Pressure to get Fully Vaccinated to Enter Crowded Venues

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On Tuesday 20th July 2021 it was declared by the government that people will be required to prove they are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, for them to enter nightclubs and other crowded venues from September. Nadhim Zahawi said a negative coronavirus test would soon “no longer be sufficient” proof that a person was Covid-safe. Although this sounds practical, it is rather unfair because some individuals may be unable to get vaccinated due to underlying health conditions, or other excruciating circumstances. This new regulation means a lot of people will be deprived of enjoyment because the government fails to empathise with those incapable of getting the vaccine. Additionally, this added pressure to get vaccinated can be viewed as a threat to many young people as they’re left with no choice/control over their body if they’re going to try and return to so-called “normality” i.e., festivals, nightclubs, concerts etc.

By Irene Madanhi

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