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Amalia Albu

My name is Amalia, I'm a Law with French Law student at Uni of Leeds, passionate about social justice and the world of business. I love volunteering, finding interesting connections between words in different Latin-based languages, and helping students build their career and find opportunities.

Government taken to court over Paying to Pollute

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The Paid to Pollute group formed by climate activists have sued the Government for the public money it wastes on the fossil fuel industry in the North Sea. They have applied for Judicial Review in the High Court, challenging the lawfulness of the UK Oil and Gas Authority’s 2016 Economic Recovery Strategy. According to the …

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Uber did it, Deliveroo did not

Earlier this year, the UK Supreme Court has ruled that Uber drivers are ‘employees’, eligible to receive minimum wage and holiday pay (further discussed here). And now, Deliveroo riders tried to argue the same, but their ‘self-employed’ status was upheld by the Court of Appeal. Deliveroo riders have been trying since 2017 to unionise and …

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Virgin & O2: merger provisionally cleared


Last year in May, O2 and Virgin Media announced their intentions to merge into an entertainment and telecom firm, becoming a rival to BT & Sky. A year later and after a thorough, two-phased investigation, the Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally approved the £31bn merger, stating that it was “unlikely to lead to any …

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Microsoft Sued for Abuse of Dominant Position – Again

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Competition law and Big Tech Competition law has become increasingly important over the years, while regulators have been trying to control the great powers of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft (GAFAM). The massive expansion of these companies is much quicker than the procedural bureaucracies of regulators and, more often than not, such firms will …

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Snapshot: Microsoft gets Slacked

Communications platform Slack has filed a claim before the European Commission against its rival, Microsoft Teams. Slack argues that Teams’ parent company, Microsoft, is unfairly promoting Teams with the Microsoft Office 365 package. According to Slack, Microsoft are abusing their competitive advantage by making it difficult for customers to switch from Teams once they use …

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