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RSA Academy: World of Work

Talk About designed and delivered bespoke workshops for RSA Academy’s World of Work Day which explored GCSE options and soft skills.

Talk About facilitators spent the day at RSA Academy delivering 12 bespoke workshops for year 9 students. Some of the workshops were designed around helping students to understand the different career options available to them and how they can pick GCSEs that will suit their aspirations.

Other workshops explored soft skills, what they are and why they are important skills for the students to start developing. These workshops were designed with the Gatsby Benchmarks in mind and tailored to suit the needs of RSA Academy. We had the students learning through games, walking around and talking to each other.

What made this day different for the students? It’s the fact that they got to learn all of this from young people who could relate to them.

Arvind Batra (Responsible for Careers, Enterprise & Partnerships within the RSA Family of Academies) stated “Talk About ran sessions about the importance of different jobs and skills in the workplace in order to inspire our students to think about developing these vital employability skills.

“Very often young people overlook the importance of soft skills and their value. Starting from a young age, students can begin to map these in everyday tasks, and see the relevance in their learning.

“Through our workshops with Talk About, students were able to hear these key messages from bright young minds, who were not dissimilar in age and background to themselves. I would highly recommend them to any school thinking about utilising them for their careers programme.”

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