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Titan Partnership: Initial Teacher Training


Secondary school teachers were trained


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Primary school teachers trained

Titan Partnership: Initial Teach Training

Talk About designed and delivered Initial Teacher Training workshops for 26 Secondary and Primary School Trainee Teachers. The sessions explored how to bring the world outside into their classrooms.

We designed and delivered the bespoke workshop for Titan Partnership’s Initial Teacher Training Programme. The sessions were designed to push Teachers to think more practically about the subjects and how they relate to global issues. Teachers then had to articulate their reasons through a challenge where they had to inspire their students.

We believe that inspiring young people should not start and end with the young people themselves but needs to involve role models such as Teachers as they play an important role. This is because the world is changing and we’re going to Talk About it!

Participating Trainee Teachers stated that they found the sessions useful because it enabled them to see “common links across the curriculum” and the skills they gained would be “helpful in future interviews”.

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